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Who Are We?

We have a different area for businesses who can become partners. Our corporate sponsors (Myklin) offer their customers a "support the bees" package. We can work with you to create special offerings for your customers.

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Your small, one-time donations are used to plant bee friendly acres of food and provide seed to cooperative farmers so we can support more hives and create new bee yards. We currently have over 12 acres in dedicated plantings.

Adoption Plans

Monthly adoption payments through PayPal.

 Adopt an existing beehive for $7.95 a month


Adopt a NEW managed beehive for $11.95 a month.


One-time Payment Options

Save $12 on an existing hive adoption - just $83.85


Save $12 on a new hive adoption - just $131.95


  You can make a difference with any of these simple plans.

  We understand you do not want to have thousands of stinging insects around you all the time. Not everyone is ready to work with bees. That is why we developed support programs you can use (without being around honey bees) to help make a difference. With our adoption plans you can know that you are making a difference.

  You can adopt a hive that we will manage for you.

  Honey bees need two things to be successful.

  • food and
  • shelter
  With your support we can provide both to managed hives that will help create a source of healthy bees for research and breeding.Your benefits include:
  1. We will send you honeycomb from your own hive - generally twice a year in the spring and fall so you can taste the difference in seasonal honey flows. We will only take what is needed to send some to you and for testing purposes.Your adoption will allow us to manage the hive for health and growth instead of demanding production from the bees.
  2. A subscription to "In the Hive", our quarterly electronic newsletter that includes season specific information about hives.
  3. You will receive an Adoption Certificate that shows you are working to make the world a little better.

  If our plans do not meet your needs please write to us for additional options.  click [email protected] 

 So why should you consider these programs?

  •  Most bee hives in the world are robbed of the honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis the bees produce to pay for their care. Some hives are even killed at the end of each season and started from scratch each year. This keeps many commercial bee hives small and vulnerable to stress.
  • We do not use the bees to provide commercial pollination or to produce honey in commercial quantities. Our managed hives will be encouraged to grow to their natural size and become more stable.
  • Our concentration is on managing strong, healthy bees that can be used for research and breeding programs. This means we will not take commercial quantities of the bees supplies from the hives. We want these hives to grow larger and to do that we need your support for our programs.
  • The commercial bee hive is an artificial environment created to make bee keeping easier. Ours will be managed to make the hive stronger.
  • Most supermarket honey is of questionable nutritional value since it is processed. The processing destroys many of the beneficial enzymes that are touted for using honey in the first place. 
  • There are also some problems with imported honey since it is difficult for the average consumer to know if it is free of antibiotics, pesticides and insecticides. Even big-name honey packagers have problems with "laundered honey" being sold on the world markets.
  • If you want the real benefits of using honey you can get it as a reward for supporting our programs because sponsors will be sent some raw honeycomb we harvest from your own adopted hive.

 Mailing Option

 You are welcome to send monthly or annual payments to our mailing address:

 Please make checks out to Save Honey Bees and send to: 54562 US Hwy 59, Heavener, OK 74937

 Please note that we send email confirmations so please include a valid email address with your check.

Free Gift

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