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Frequently Asked Questions at Help Honey Bees

1.  Why do you say I am helping to save the planet by subscribing to your publications?
       There are literally billions of people in the world who rely on food plants pollinated by honey bees. If honey bee numbers dwindle to the point
       where they are a scarce resource how will these plants grow? Can you imagine a world without carrots? Honey bees are the prime
       pollinator for these and 90 food plants worldwide.

2.  If the problem is this serious why isn't our government funding more research?
       Good question.

3.  Do you really believe this organization can make that much difference?
      Yes. We are concentrating on increasing the number of healthy hives. We are not working to increase honey production (which is the
       usual focus). Some groups are working to develop bees resistant to varroa mites, foul brood and other diseases. We will incorporate the
       best strains of these with ours to increase the number of strong, healthy hives.

4.  How do you spend this money?
      We buy hive equipment, breeding stock, medical supplies and winter food supplies for the bees. We also pay for health inspections and lab fees.

5.  I thought honey bees made their own food. What kinds of food do you buy for them?
       We supply bees with pollen early in the spring to increase egg production by the queens. A thick sugar syrup can be supplied at any time of the year if the
       food supplies are eaten too quickly.  Bee food plants are affected by weather and seasonal droughts so we support them to keep the hives strong.

6.  Is my payment considered a donation?
       No, you are buying a product when you subscribe to In the Hive. While your donation would be appreciated we want to give you something useful
       (besides a good feeling) in exchange for your support.

7.  Why do you handle subscriptions through Myklin? Why don't you use your own payment systems?
       Myklin is our corporate sponsor. They provide us with technical and professional services so we do not need to spend money on many
       "office expenses". Accepting money online requires a merchant account that has monthly fees. We avoid these by using Myklin's services.

8.  Can I send a check instead?
       Yes. If you want to send a check please make it out to "Save Honey Bees" and mail to 54562 US HWY 59, Heavener, OK 74937

9.  Where are your offices?
       Our mailing address is above. We do not have any paid office staff so do not maintain a physical office at this time. We funnel every penny
       we possibly can into the bee programs.

10. Are these hives used in commercial pollination for farms in California or Florida?
       No, we do not move our hives across the country. Our thought is that exposing bees to multiple areas with many chemicals is dangerous
       to their health. Our prime focus is on increasing the number of healthy hives.

11. How many hives do you have now?
       Not enough. According to national surveys the number of bee hives in the United States decreased by 80% in just 3 years. That would be
       bad enough if the reason for the deaths was known but we are still at the point where the possibilities out-number the researchers.

12.  What is a Managed Hive?
       We manage a hive of bees here on your behalf. It will be encouraged to grow much larger than a commercial hive is allowed. The only honey
       we will take will be to send some to you (twice a year) and for testing.Our entire concentration is on encouraging healthy bees to multiply.