You can help save honey bees with a small action today.

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 In the Hive is published quarterly in February, May, August and November.


 Frequently Asked Questions

  If we do not save honey bees what happens when all the honey bees disappear?

  If the honey bee disappears we will lose much of our world food supply.

 We should help save honey bees because while grains do not require honey bees to flourish, virtually all of our non-grain foods are dependent on honey bee pollination to a large degree. Worldwide, there are 90 different food plants that depend almost exclusively on the honey bee. In the USA honey bees are considered critical pollinators of many fruits, nuts and vegetables. Your own diet will be changed dramatically if we lose our honey bees.
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  What you can do to help save honey bees.

  • You can have nectar plants in your own gardens so your local bees have the food they need. (We'll even tell you which plants help.)
  • You can reduce the amount of pesticides you use.
  • You can support companies that support bee research and breeding programs.
  • You can stay involved with our newsletter, "In the Hive".
  Unlike other bee information web sites we charge for our publications and the reason is simple.
  • Other web sites are set up by commercial bee keepers who want you to buy their products.
  • Now that approach is fine - if what you want to do is buy bee products.
  • However, if you want to help increase the number of healthy bees in the world (and therefore preserve the world food chain) then start a subscription to, "In the Hive".
  • Over 96% of the subscription cost is funneled directly into paying for bee breeding stock, hive supplies and for research and lab fees.
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 Yes, I want to help preserve the world food chain with a small action today.        No, this is not important to me.

We have mugs, magnets and some clothing available here.

 Information about our support plans for individuals and businesses.